Sunday, January 18, 2009

"How do I Love Thee" Victorian Themed Card

I love this poem, and I wanted to find a way to use it that would make the poem the main focal point of the card. It is a beautiful poem, so again I chose to use a victorian theme. This is my first attempt at a Tri-Fold card, and I totally winged it. I could have looked up a tutorial, but didn't want to take the time because I was already in create mode, and I didn't want to stop. So, this
was not originally intended to be a tri-fold, but after much thought about design...turned into
one. I like the end results and would love to try this again sometime. I really fell in love with the inside of the card because I just thought it would look beautiful to put a wedding or anniversary picture in the middle and have it displayed all the time. This is such a romantic card for Valentine's Day too. I am getting braver with my designs. I am going to have to try the sewing very soon.


Wendy Hall said...

Beeeeeeeeeautiful card, as always

Sue McMahon said...

This card is so awesome, I didn't even notice you hadn't sewn anything on it!! I LOVE the paper!! And, that is one of my favorite poems!!

Michelle's Daydreams said...

This is one of the prettiest cards I've seen. Love the color combinations so much! Michelle

Lorelie Kim said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS cards, Carolyn!! The gate fold is perfect!!