Monday, February 15, 2010

The Frozen "Niagara"

This is what happens when you get as much snow as we have and then the weather warms up for a day or two.  We are scheduled to get another foot of snow by this Wednesday, and I honestly do not know where we are going to put in anymore.  We have gotten about 5-6 feet of snow in the last couple of weeks, and another foot is not welcome.  We are going to have some flooding, I'm afraid with spring around the corner and all of this to melt.  I am up to shoveling somewhere around 6 plus times a day and much more on those days we are really slammed.  Minus the pain I have inflicted unintentionally upon myself, I am hoping that I have gained some muscle doing this continuous workout.  ; )

I knock icicles down about 5 times a day, but this must have built overnight, and I can't reach the corners sometimes.  Praying that my roof does not collapse or that those icicles eventually crash down and hurt someone or break something.

So, who out there wants to tell me how much they would love to see snow and experience winter?????  The first person who would rather be here than in anywhere that they are that is warm is doing a trading spaces with me for the next 6 weeks  : )  My bags are packed!!!

Have a great week everyone, and I will see you tomorrow with a happy, craft post. YAY!


loz said...

My bags were packed Carolyn as we are in the middle of a very hot summer. However my dog said NOOOOOOOO as he does not like the cold.. Sorry.. Hope it warms up soon ...Loz

Michelle's Daydreams said...

Those icicles are really unbelievable Carolyn... Sorry it's such a daily workout for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my Carolyn I thought I had it bad with the snow we've had here but wow wow wow you have it much worse:( I've never seen icicles that big in my life. Try and be careful tackling all that ice....keep warm:)


Sue McMahon said...

OMG! Overnight? You poor thing! If I was closer, I'd shovel a day or two for you...Lord knows I can use the exercise and you could use the break! Be careful getting those Buns of Steel. :) LOL!

Carol Hurlock said...

Carolyn-it has been cold here in Georgia, which is unusual for us. Our electric bill has been through the roof...I can't imagine that much snow! Hopefully it will stop soon so you can get some rest!!!

Bear Hugs,
Carol :o}

Priscilla said...

Wow those are some amazing pictures. Stay warm my friend.