Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Swarm!



These horrible creatures have been terrorizing my family (INSIDE MY HOUSE!!!) for weeks now.   We finally had an exterminator come out yesterday for an inspection just to tell me that they cannot tell me where they are coming inside from OR if there may be a nest inside the house!  Comforting, isn't it?  So, they tell me that on Monday someone will call me to schedule a time to come out and spray.  Call me to schedule!!!???  PLEASE!!  Is this not more of an emergency than that?  I guess in the meantime they just wish me luck and tell me to say a prayer.  They are everywhere from crawling on the floor (we have dark carpeting, so hard to see) to flying and EVEN chasing me as I chase them to try to kill them.  It is terrible.  Then I ask how long it will take after they spray for them to disappear.  LOL, they do not give me an answer, just to say not right away, but not too long.  My Dad is severly allergic to bees.  He is elderly and lives in the apartment on top of our house.  What would I do if he got stung? 

So, instead of being able to enjoy some time crafting and creating to post on my blog, I have to post a picture of what is preventing me from doing so!  Have any of you ever had problems with such a thing, and if you have, what worked for you to get rid of these pests? 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, as I hope to enjoy mine next weekend if this gets fixed!

Don't forget to pray for me!  I guess it's all I have right now.


Rene' said...

Oh no, Carolyn! That is just terrible! My husband is severly allergic to those little boogers so I can understand how frustrating and downright scary this situation is. I have no ideas about what you could do other than open the windows and hope those guys fly out (if only it were that easy!!). In the mean time, try to stay sting free. And BTW, I am loving all the goodies that I recieved from your blog candy. So much fun in there!
Scrappy Love,

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Sorry you are having this horrible problem Carolyn...It looks like some type of a wasp and if it is, they are nasty (my husband had a terrible reaction after being stung last year) I would check with your Dad's doctor to see if he needs to keep an epi pen handy ( it's used by people who are very allergic to bee stings to prevent anaphylactic shock if they get stung). Hope this helps....and even more, I hope you get rid of those nasty bugs quickly!!!


Yvonne said...

OMG .. well if we have swarms of wasps , they are out the same day to remove them , they are classed as Emergency.. so how they can leave you liek that i will never know. I hope they are sorted verty fast. Don't like them at the best of times, never mind in swarms x

Nunt said...

Ugh - what an awful situation! Once when I was moving into a new apartment that had been empty for a few months and some brainiac had left the windows open mid-summer, I was met by a swarm of angry wasps. Safe to say I ran screaming out of the flat... Next day I came back with 2 cans of pesticide, sneaked in to close the windows and then emptied the cans in the living room. One week later closer to moving day I came in and cleaned out the corpses - only about 20 of them and a little beginning of a hive, about the size of a matchbox. But obviously this is not the solution for you :/ Any other company you could call about the extermination?

Sunshine said...

Hi Carolyn: We had a similar situation a couple of years back too. It turns out they had made some sort of hive under the sofit of our house (that part that is between the overhang of your roof and the side of your house) and were coming around the heat/air exchange vents. We had to spray that medium expansion foam around all of those vents and that kept them out! it was freaky for a while because you just never knew where they were going to show up! No one ever got stung or anything but it was really disturbing! Hope this helps a bit hon! {{{hugz}}


Anonymous said...

Oh Carolyn I'm so sorry about the bee infestation in your home! That's just awful...I hope it gets resolved right away...sending prayers and good wishes your way.


Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Yuck, would not at all be happy, wonder what my cats would do? I'll probably be running around with my own can of spray until the reinforcements came. Be careful!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Yikes! I would think it would be an emergency especially if someone is allergic!! They should not of left you like that. You poor dear...I bet your family is going mad! I have never had this problem so I don't have any tips to help but I do hope it gets fixed quickly!!

Take care and good luck!

coldwaters2 said...

Oh my goodness I hate these wasps, Bees I can put up with but wasps they are just mean and spiteful they do seem to chase you determined to cause pain and fear and they are good at their job it certainly works on me I have used no end of fly sprays on them. I would hate to have them in my home like you though and I sympathise with you so much. I am insured against this sort of home invasion now lol, so if this happened to me I would expect and demand action straight away.
I do hope you get the problem sorted very soon.

Lorraine x

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Ok, now I know the are Eastern Yellow Jackets, and since I don't live in the east - they are ALL yours, LOL.

kathy s said...

Just letting you know that in the land of Aus. they are called European wasps and can sting people and animale multiple times so be careful. their nest/Hive is made like a set of mazes and is so soft its like burnt compressed ash. I have had some in a tree next door and had to get the exterminaters out - fortunately our council organized that and i don't know what they used but when he sprayed it was luckky he had full protective clothing as they went crazy and attacked him- he had to get in his car to escape them and they started to attack that as well. some people are allergic so watch out for everyone especially your dad. they seem to like hollow trees and even holes in the ground but they have been known to nest in wall cavatities and actually eat through the plaster so try getting the house completely quiet and listen to see if you can hear any soft humming because they do sound like a swarm of bees All I can say is good luck