Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our week with H1N1

Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to pop in here to thank everyone out there who sent prayers our way this week.  This is pretty much what our week consisted of in the pic above.  I forgot to add the Benedryl, because my youngest had a reaction to the Tamiflu and broke out in a rash. 

We are on the road to recovery.  However, my husband is just now coming down with this, so it isn't over for us yet.  It's a very worrisome thing when someone in your family or yourself gets this new flu with never having experienced it before or knowing  how serious it can be.  We were all very fortunate to have come through this without any complications.  My youngest though did acquire croup at the same time as the H1N1 which really had me scared, because he was not able to breathe easily and was in alot of pain.  After being on the Tamiflu for one day, he started to feel a little better.  Everyone is different, and I guess everyone's experience with this will be different.  If I can give any advice about this after having experienced it, the best thing I could say is that if you are worried about something being wrong or not being normal with this flu, don't wait to be seen.  The quicker you are treated, the better and quicker you will recover.  If there are no unusual flu symptoms, then it will just run it's course like any other flu would.  Stay alert to symptoms and keep sanitized. 

I wish all of my viewers out there good health and to make it through this flu season no worse for the wear.  I apologize for not being around to visit your blogs lately and hope to be able to catch up a bit in the next week or so once we are all back to normal health again. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and thank you again for all of your prayers and support at this time when my family needed them so much.  I am grateful to have come to meet so many wonderful people through the blog world and hope to continue to meet more new people all the time.

Take care and blessings to you all.


Lynne in NI said...

Oh Carolyn, I've been there and done that, though thankfully it was only me caught it in our house ... sounds like you've had a week of it! Hope you all recover soon - took me a few weeks before I felt 100% again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Carolyn I'm so sorry to hear about your family's flu situation but it's good to know you're all doing better. I'll be preaying for all of you...


Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

So glad most of you have turned the corner on your recovery, I have been thinking of you all.

Maria JEsus said...

Glad that your family is doing better :)

thanks for the tips, just now i have my 6 years old with fever, he has stomachache and headache, i don't know what it is :( i'm going to the doctor tomorrow.

Have a very good week

cabio's craft corner said...

Oh no Carolyn, I hope you all will have a speedy recovery!

Jeni C Slack (^0^) said...

I sure hope your family get better soon!!