Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Butterfly Collage Card

(Some additional pictures of this card...inside and out. Almost done!!!)

Hi! I am still working on this card as a special request, and I wanted to post it here so that she can view it to see the progress so far. When the card is complete, I will post all of the pictures..inside and out for all to see.

Thanks for dropping by for a peek. Let me know what you think if you stop by. Thanks!!

Have a great day!



Sue McMahon said...

Beautiful card, Carolyn!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Wow, they should feel special to get that!

Anonymous said...

I am the very fortunate person Carolyn personally made this card for! She is the MOST amazing, talented,comitted,artistic person that I have ever come upon! This world is a much better place simply due to Carolyn. Her Honesty, talent, integrity,etc. speak for them self. I could and would go on & on but truly words can't do her justice! Just know she's one of kind and if you miss out on her talent/compassion, you, well, you just will miss a once in a life time opportunity of grace and beauty! Thank you SSOOOO much Carolyn! With much admiration, Heather

Wendy Hall said...

What a beauty Carolyn, you deserve all the praise in the world!!

Priscilla said...

WOW what a very special card...and Heather - I know first hand what a wonderful lady Carolyn is and you are right words truly can not do her justice :) Thanks once again for sharing your talent.