Friday, November 27, 2009

CSPT & Friends Charity Auction

1 in 91 children are affected by autism.
That's a lot!  My youngest child has Asperger's syndrome, which is a form of autism.  We found out alot later that I would have liked with him and have so much catching up to do, but early intervention is the goal for these kids, and charities like this one helps to make that possible along with many other resources that give these kids the help that they need.

CSPT, along with some wonderfully talented friends, have teamed up to help.

Friday, November 27th, our very own CSPT member Laura will be hosting an ebay auction featuring more than 10 ebay artists. The theme of the auction is "Christmas Survival Kit." It will include everything you need to get through this holiday season, including: gift tags, cards, teachers' gifts, ornaments, and more!

Drop by this very special ebay auction.  Have a look, and place a bid.  It will warm your heart to think you have had a hand in helping these very special and wonderful children.

With your help- we can make this auction a huge success!!

CSPT Charity Auction***click here
Thank you, and God Bless You!!

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