Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Beauty...

Hi Friends,  I couldn't resist sharing all the beauty that I am getting to devour at our house with the early spring we are having this year.  Can you believe these summer temperatures we have been having already?   It is to get to 84 degrees today.  Wish my kids did not have to be in school and could enjoy the day outside :)
These sights are good for my heart and for my soul.  I am just absorbing all the beauty that God and spring has blessed us with.  I am sure that you are all taking in the lovely sights where you are too.  What a wonderful time of year it is!
If I am not in touch before then, I want to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Easter.  Enjoy the warm spring/summer temperatures too.  I will be back soon...Take care :)


Unknown said...

lovely lovely snaps love looking at picis..beautiful blossom i noticed loads on a ride into the city ..as im in the countryside and it all looked so pretty always reminds me of confetti though when it falls..but beautiful and your 4 leaf clover ...any luck so far hun..always wanted to find one or see one and now ive seen one perhaps i may get some cyber luck lol!!!!! xxhugs sassyx

kiwimeskreations said...

Love spring, but we are just starting Fall - the colours are not getting a chance to really show as we have has a rough time with high winds and the leaves are getting ripped off before they change.
May your Easter be blessed

Kristine said...

Oh my goodness gracious girl... you ARE soooo fortunate to get to see all that beauty around you. I'm in LOVE with those pink ones up top. What are those called?? You must live south? I live in Central Oregon and have been having 40 degree weather still. Nuthin's blooming yet. And when it does, it's ugly sagebrush and juniper. So I'll have to pop over to your blog more often and get my "fix" lol.

Well i wanted to let you know how cute your M5D card is today. Sorry I am a li'l early for your post. I have to get to work and who knows what the day will hold later on. Have a wonderful weekend!! ~kris

Nueyer said...

Lovely flowers!!