Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream Catcher Mania

Hi Friends, 
First, I want to take a moment to thank those of you that have stuck it out with me as followers.  I realize that I have not been so active lately with my many family commitments right now, so I am very grateful for your support during my downtime.  While I try to catch up on things over the summer, I would like to share with you my daughter's latest obesssion.... Making Dream Catchers.

For the past month, my daughter has created several of these beauties.  She is very meticulous and her own worst critic, so I was only able to capture a picture of one of them for now to share with you.  They are all very beautiful, but my favorite (of course) is the pink one that she made.  It is gorgeous, and if I am ever able to sneak a picture of it, I will be sure to share it with you.   She is always trying new creative things, so I never know what is around the next corner with her imagination.  For now, I will take in the beauty of her latest treasures until the next wave of inspiration envelopes her.   I hope you enjoy some of what she has created as well and maybe try one of these yourself or encourage your kids to.  She seems to really have alot of fun making them. 

Thanks for visiting with me, and I hope you are all having a wonderful and fun summer.  I also want to wish you all a Happy and safe 4th of July. 



Michelle's Daydreams said...

This is beautiful Carolyn. Your daughter has inherited your creative talent. :)

Amy Johnson said...

So lovely. I work at a crafts store and people come in all the time to buy supplies to make these.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I hope you are enjoying your summer and your downtime. The dream catcher is beautiful!