Monday, May 9, 2011

Some Artwork From My Daughter...

 Hi Everyone...  I am taking a tiny break from crafting, because my son is coming home for a visit after a 9 month deployment away.  I really have to clean  and get ready for his visit too ;)  Don't worry though, once his visit is over, I will be back to crafting and posting again.  I may post something fun in the meantime too just to keep in touch. 
For now, I am sharing an art project of my daughters from school.  She has NEVER  used chalks before, and for that matter has not really done a whole lot of experimenting with art other than just sketching here and there and playing around, so I was very pleasantly surprised at how well her project turned out.  Unfortunately, it got quite smudged up being transported home on the school bus, but it is still nice nonetheless.  She has always seemed to have an eye for art.  I think if she really pursued it, she would do very well. 

A silly old hammer in the middle of the fruit... I'm sure the teacher must have had a reason for that???

I hope you enjoyed sharing in some of my daughter's debut artwork ;)  Thanks for visiting with me, and if you would like to share, I'll bet she would be thrilled to read your comments. 

I'll be back to share again soon.  Many blessings to you my friends.  Have a wonderful evening.



Pinklady 68 said...

Your daughter really have an eye for art!! A lovely picture!!
Have a great time together with your son and family:-)

Hugs Laila.

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful visit with your son.

Your daughter's artwork is awesome! I love the colors and how she cast the shadows under each one. I have a hard time with that. She has a great eye for shading. One I'm still working on. Very nice art!

Have a great day!

Amy Johnson said...

Enjoy your crafting break and your son's visit! Your daughter's artwork is beautiful!

Something Special said...

Thanks for following me and for your sweet comment on my blog. I am thrilled for you that you get to have your son come home after 9 months. I have not had a son in the military, but 3 of my sons have left for 2 year missions for our church, without ever being able to come home, during those two years. We missed them terribly, but they sure did become wonderful men for doing it! I love your cards as well.

Patti J said...

Carolyn, your daughter's art work is fun, cheerful, and quite good!!! Love her style - she's quite talented, looks like :) Sweetie, as mom to a twice deployed military man, you go girl! Take all the time you need, and visit, hug, cry, laugh - enjoy that handsome man while you have him home. We'll all be here when you come back. Hugs, and loads of blessings to you and your famimly!