Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Bad Black Kitty Cat...

He looks cute enough, doesn't he?  hahaha

Don't let that innocent little face fool you!  This little boy has chewed through a couple hundred dollars worth of electrical wires already, knocked down several potted plants and just tears through the house through the middle of the night looking for something/anything to terrorize. 

Do you ever feel like you are being tested pretty much on a daily basis?  I do.  It seems that each week that passes presents another challenge in our lives.  This little kitten is just a mild addition to those challenges.  I am hoping that there is something to be learned and strength to be gained as each of these challenges are faced.  I, however, feel almost like how much stronger should a person need to be, right?  Is there a light to be found somewhere in the dark to reach the end of the tunnel...is there a peace to be had before our time on this earth is gone?  Am I expecting too much out of life?  I guess it's possible that next week, I could post on here about a great time that I may be having....(or at least I would like to hope that).  I think I want to take this opportunity of feeling down to make certain that I acknowledge all the things that I do appreciate in life....like the fact that I woke up healthy today as did my family, I have a roof over my head, food to feed my family, a safe country in which to live, even if it is not at it's best economically right now...good friends whether they be here in person or cyber friends..they all are treasures to me.  I am grateful for all of these blessings and many more, so I do realize that there are always good and bad things in life.  With so many tragic things going on in this world, I feel pretty guilty thinking that anything for me should have to be easy, so I guess I am sharing this with you to try to put things into perspective for myself.  Trying to put words down as therapy to put it out of my head and move past the cloudiness and let the sunshine in.  So, if I rambled and bored you to tears...I apologize ;)  I probably could have written this on paper for myself only, but this way, I can always go back and read this post again if I need to to remember to look at the positive.

I hope that you all remember your blessings each day, and if you are having a tough time right now...I'm right there with you.  We can get through it together.  Thanks for dropping by..  On a little brighter note, I will have a card to share with you for next week's M5D releases.  Hope you'll stop by and have a look then. 

Enjoy your day,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tropical Paradise Floral Card and M5D Releases...

Welcome to my site.. I am really feeling like Spring, so I wanted to show you a warm and inviting card filled with beautiful flowers.. one that takes you to a tropical place full of sunshine, relaxing beaches and maybe even a tropical drink in your hand.  I can almost smell the flowers, can't you?  I am ready to trade in this winter for warm weather right this second!  Oh how I miss "my" Hawaii :)
There are some great new releases at McMahon Five Designs this week, so be sure to visit and check out all the samples over there.  Lots of wonderful inspiration to be found.  This is my sample, but there are so many ways to use these digis.  It is always fun to see it used so differently by everyone who uses it.


This digi was created as a FREEBIE GIFT to remind all women to check themselves each month for breast health.  Please accept this digi and grab the code for your own blog to help spread awareness this month!

Help us spread the word!
Grab this months Blinkie or Badge!

For more ideas and inspiration, visit the Design Team blogs!
I hope you enjoyed your visit with me today, and please stop back again soon.  Have a great day. 



Thursday, February 10, 2011

M5D Releases for the week...

Unfortunately, I do not have a project of my own to share with you today.  We have run dry on ink for our printer, so we have to replenish before I can continue to create.  On a brighter note, I will have a new project to share for the release next week, and in the meantime, please enjoy the latest from McMahon Five Designs. If you have a passion for sewing, don't miss out on this week's release.  It is just for you.  Pop on over and have a look at some of the samples that the girls have prepared for you.

For YOU to use in our Natural Elements Challenge!

So what do you think?  Pretty nice digis this week, don't you agree?  Well, I'm off to try to get warm in this frigid weather and tidy up a bit too.  Don't forget to pop in next Thursday for my next project.  Until then, take good care my friends.


Monday, February 7, 2011

I got a blog award from someone????

Good Monday morning everyone..
I got this blog award a while back, and I had been so busy with the holidays and everything else that I had completely forgotten about it.  I am so embarrassed, but I cannot remember who gave this award for me, and I wanted to thank them.  If you were the giver of this award, please let me know, and I want to thank you for thinking of me.  I am hoping that I can be more organized this year and keep up on things, but so far I am not winning this battle.  Please forgive me. 
Thank you to all of my viewers for your support of my blog and my work.  I appreciate all of you very much!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am a day late getting this post up.  I guess better late than never, but I do promise to be more careful about these things.  I think that whole ice storm and snow day threw me off. 
Check out the link, and read all the fun news below....

We have exciting news to share with you!  Studio 313 and McMahon Five Designs have joined forces and have a monthly challenge called  "The Hotspot Challenge".  The First of every month will be a new Hot Challenge based on the Latest Hottest Trends!

For February our theme is Natural Elements.  Go ahead and find natural elements to add to your card this month!  Pull out some of the items you haven't used in a while or haven't even tried yet!  We all have hemp cord, raffia, wooden buttons, cotton ribbon and how about really changing it up and using Real Wood Paper?  There are hundreds of ideas for it's use in the Idea Gallery!  Below is an Inspirational Photo to get your creative minds going!

Now, it wouldn't be a challenge if there wasn't a prize, right?  RIGHT!  Using our Natural Elements Theme we created a Prize Package filled with Natural Elements!

Prize package includes:

1 sheet of Birds Eye Maple Real Wood Paper
1 sheet of Cherry Real Wood Paper
1 sheet of Maple Real Wood Paper
1 sheet of Walnut Real Wood Paper
1 package Kaisercraft Wood Flourishes Vines
1 assorted package of Real Wood Paper Leaf Die Cuts
15 yards of Hemp Cord
1 foot of 100% Cotton Twill Tape
1 bundle of Raffia
1 Wicker Basket Full of Fibers – White and Multi
1 Wood Trinket Box for Altering
1 7” strand of Freshwater Pearls
2 Vintaj Natural Brass Filigree Butterflies
1 package of 10 Natural Pressed Flowers
4 Mulberry Paper Roses

Thanks for being patient with me while I catch up with myself.  Don't forget to drop by tomorrow for the newest M5D releases, and have a great evening.