Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Award to share....

What a lovely surprise from my sweet friend: Chelsea.  Thank you so much Chelsea for this wonderful award.  I am very honored to have been chosen to recieve it and thank you very much for everything else that you have done for me in the past.  You are one of the most talented ladies that I know of, and always so kind to share and give a helping hand when needed.   I treasure your friendship and feel blessed to have come to know you in that last couple of years. 

Now, here are the rules:

1 - Thank the person who gave you the award.

2 - Post the award on your blog.

3 - List 3 things about yourself.

  • I love God and thank him for all the blessings he has given me in my life....most importantly my family!
  • I love a clean house, but I hate to be the one to clean it.
  • Summer is my favorite time of the year.  I will miss it so much!
4.  Post a picture that you love.

I don't like posting pictures of my family online, so I will share this picture of a beautiful rainbow just before evening that we were blessed to see a few weeks ago after a nice rain.  Miracles from God are always a favorite of mine...especially ones that you can take a picture of and enjoy over and over again. 

5.  Pass the award to 5 other friends.

I would love to post this to many, many blog friends online that have been wonderful and supportive of me and my work from the very beginning.  Having said that and knowing that I appreciate each and every one of you equally, I will choose the following five this time:

Thank you all for your friendship and inspiration!  Thank you too for dropping by today, and I hope you have a wonderful week!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cherished Teddy Christmas Angel Card

Hi my friends~  I want to thank you all for your supportive comments and encouragment since my last post.  It really means alot to me, and I am so grateful for my blogging friends. 

I had this card and post ready to go for a good while now, and I thought I might as well post it now to give you all something new from me to look at.  Almost all I have really crafted lately has been Christmas cards for my family and friends.  I want to be sure to have them done for the holiday season.  If I ever do finish them and have any kind of time at all, I may do something different.  I have to play it by ear and take it a day at a time.   I just never know what each day will bring anymore, so I have to just wait and see how they go. 

Hope you enjoy viewing and visiting me today.  Thank you for your time and again for your support.  You are all wonderful blessings to me.  Have a beautiful weekend!

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