Saturday, July 23, 2011

ATTENTION...All My INDIANA Blogging Friends...


We are so excited to have just found out that we will be moving to Indiana in the next couple of months near the Indianapolis area.  If any of you out there could give some input or info on what it's like, what to expect, what to avoid, what to look for as far as housing, schools, medical, people...etc.  We would like to look for housing in the surrounding Indianapolis area, but not Indianapolis itself.   I am hoping that some of my friends on here might be able to share some of their knowledge with me who either live in that area now or maybe have lived there in the past or know someone else who does.   We could not be more excited about this move.  It is such a blessing and the positive thing that we have been praying for for our family.  Life is truly being good to us right now, and we are very grateful.  Sometimes you have to weather the storm to get the reward of a rainbow.  We thank God for looking out for us and taking care of our family.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can share some advice with us, and even if some of you could share moving tips.  It's been years since we've moved.  I will take advice/tips or anything on moving, buying a new house, acclimating my kids to a new area...anything you want to share.

I will be taking you all with me on this move with my blogging updates, so get ready for the adventure.

Hugs and Blessings to you all,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Baby :)

Seems like only a breath ago that I was waking up at 4 a.m. anxiously and excitedly preparing to go to the hospital to have my labor induced with my last baby.  In reality, that will have been 10 years ago on July 27th.  What a whirlwind those years have been...filled with joy, laughter, much exploration and learning as well as some tears and sad times as we all go through as our children grow.  This little boy has been one of the greatest blessings in my life, and I feel so fortunate to be his Mom.  I look forward to many more fun years with this little boy before he has grown into a young man.  You just never know what is around the next corner with him.  It's always exciting,  and he keeps me young, makes life interesting and teaches me something new pretty much every day.  Little did I know before my kids came along how much they would enrich my life and fulfill it in ways that I could never even imagine.  So looking back at these last 10 years, it makes me take a step back and appreciate life, time and taking advantage of every moment that we are given, because once they are gone, you can't get them back, and if you make the most of them, you will have many wonderful memories to look back on as each of these precious years passes.

So, in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, I really pondered what kind of card I could make for this sweet boy for his birthday this year.  Then it dawned on me that of all the people that I know that have seen my cards, this child has been my biggest motivator and highest praiser.  He doesn't care what is on it or if it is just so.  He cares that it is made by his Mom for him and with lots of love, and that makes it perfect in his eyes.  So, while I keep wondering if I made this card boyish enough with my constant desire to always add gems and flowers somewhere on my cards or add some sort of frill...and I know I did more than I probably should have on here, I can bet that this concern will never even cross his mind. He will tell me how much he likes the little mice and the frog on the inside, and he won't even notice the things that I am concerned about.  Now, tell me if I am not the luckiest Mom in the world.  He is going to make some lucky lady a wonderful husband one day.

Image is House Mouse and can be found at the McMahon Five Design's Store.  There are just tons of images over there to choose from.  Hop over for a look.  I used some of their wood paper and gem flourishes on here too.

So, is anyone sitting there saying ....  look at that lacy looking border punch she used and those gem flourishes?  lol.... Let's just keep that between us, ok ;)
Thanks for dropping in today and sharing in my boys special birthday card.  Have a wonderful day.