Thursday, June 17, 2010

As Promised...An update on the Garden...

Happy Summer Everyone!!!  So far, our summer has been very busy and full days.  We started our garden last month from scratch.  It is coming along so nicely.  We are really excited about it.  I am sharing some pictures from the very beginning up to today.  I never realized how much fun it would be to watch my own garden grow : )

Step one was to prepare the ground....Everyone got in on this part.  Shovels a going, dirt turning and new soil being put down.  A fun and dirty mess was had by all.

This is where ALL of the plants began with lots of patience and proper care.  What a miracle it is to watch. 

I am adding a picture of some grass we had to plant due to a trampoline killing all of the grass under it last year.  If you look down a few pictures, you will see how beautiful this grass grew in only a few weeks!

Well, here we are today with the corn.  Look how big they got already.  I can't wait for the first corn to erupt!

Ok, now I don't want to hear you all tell me how much I need to weed.  I know that it needs done, and I am getting there, but there just haven't been enough hours in the day.  Hope to do some of that this weekend.

These are a few of the tomatoe plants.  We have a bunch more, but I am happy with how nicely they are coming along.

I can't remember which this one is...the watermelon or the cantelope.  I guess we'll find out soon ; )

Here's the pride and joy.  I LOVE how great the cucumber plants are growing.  Don't they look wonderful? 

A closer look at the cucumbers.

We ran out of room, so had to do some plants in containers.  We have beans, and some other veggies not shown.  We planted carrots, pumpkins and jack o lanterns too.

Here is a look at some of them together.  We have two areas with about the same amount in each of them that we are planting.

Here's the shot of the grass we planted where the trampoline killed last year.   Very happy with how pretty it grew in.

Thanks for dropping by to share in the joy of my garden today.  I can't wait to show you some of the produce that comes from it.  I hope you all have a very enjoyable summer and hope you will stop by here from time to time to say hello to me. 

Blessings to you all~



Michelle's Daydreams said...

Beautiful Carolyn! Your grass looks as though it has been there for years! You cannot even tell it is newly seeded. :)

Sue McMahon said...

Do you know how much watermelon and cucumbers spread? Hang on!!! Everything looks fantastic! Your corn is bigger than ours! Grass looks perfect too! I can't wait to see the progress over the next few months!

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Hi Carolyn, what a busy girl you've been! Everything looks like it's growing pefectly and I'm sure it will be great when your produce is ready....can I come for dinner?
You did a great job covering the area in your garden where the trampoline was and I have to say I'm jealous of your grass. It looks like the nice fine grass we had in England. Here in Miami we have such thick grass it's not pretty at all!
Keep up the good work!