Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gibson Girl Cracked Glass Card

I am always wanting to try new things, and for me, this was new. I have never tried the cracked glass technique before, and I felt like this was the perfect image to try it with. I really was going after the aged look but with a sophisticated, elegant finish. It reminds me of something that you would see displayed in your Grandmother's house. I did not want to overdo it with this card, because it really doesn't need much to portray it's beauty. I added the Vintage corner dies, because I love them so much, and they really are a must with a card like this one. Then, the beads and the ribbon really were all it took to finish the look that I wanted to achieve. This card will be on my Ebay auctions from Feb. 4 - Feb. 14. Click on my Ebay link at the side if you would like to view it on auction.


Dianne said...

Carolyn, this is a really gorgeous card. I always like the vintage looking cards, but I have never tried to make one. I don't have alot of time. By the way, the rose made with the punches takes about 2+ hours. They are nice though. Was this a stamped image or a print? It seems alot of people are starting to use prints.

Carolyn said...

Thanks Dianne~ I really love the vintage victorian look too. This is a stamped image. They are my favorite. I am not a huge fan of printed images. Some are nice and work for some cards, but to me, I feel that they are more of a canned image rather than a piece of artwork that someone has created. I hope that I don't step on any toes by saying that, but everyone has their own tastes in what they like. I guess too, that if I am going to go with vintage, I have to choose vintage sophisticate rather than vintage cutsey. Just something about the elegance of a victorian card that I can't resist. I'm glad that you share my passion for that.

Thank you for all the info on the flowers. I may try those at my own pace. They are just beautiful.

Unknown said...

This is a pretty card Carolyn! Ha...we did use the same wallpaper on our blogs! Sory...I gues we just both have good taste! ;)
Nice blog BTW!!!
True :)